Dallas, Texas: A Photo Diary


DALLAS, TEXAS. Entering Downtown Area. – 14 June 2016


DALLAS, TEXAS. I stayed in this boomerang-shaped hotel. – 14 June 2016


OMNI DALLAS HOTEL. My roommate did not get past their Immigration. I had the whole room to myself. – 14 June 2016


OMNI DALLAS HOTEL. View from my room. It was 6:33PM in this photo. The sun was still high up so I decided to go for a walk. It was hot, but it was nothing compared to Manila and Baler. I found a 7-11 about 15 minutes away from this area and bought one of the best convenience store food I ever had (burritos and egg rolls). I LOVE TEX-MEX! – 14 June 2016


OMNI DALLAS HOTEL. The best part of my Dallas stay was that I got to watch 6 consecutive sunsets in a week. I sat by the window every night from 8:15PM to 9:00PM to see the sun go down and wait until all the buildings light up. – 14 to 19 June 2016


ELM ST., DOWNTOWN DALLAS. I bought a prepaid sim card the night before, but figured out later that I needed a plan card as well. So I went for a walk early the next day to buy a month’s plan and find a good doughnut place. I got lost for a while since I am not so good at reading Google Map. It didn’t matter, though. – 16 June 2016


OMNI DALLAS HOTEL. I had to take a picture of my flag. There is something about seeing your country’s flag in the US that makes you feel giddy and all. – 16 June 2016


OMNI DALLAS HOTEL. Filipino parties are all about food. American, dance. I had to go back to my room because the energy was too strong for me. – 17 June 2016


OMNI DALLAS HOTEL. There were around 1,500 participants in the conference. The set-up was also quite nerve wracking for me. You just have to pick a table to eat with a couple of people. I didn’t eat on the first night. I wasn’t also feeling well. I still had jet lag since I just had the longest daytime of my life and Dallas was 11 hours behind Philippine time. I kept having headaches everytime I try to fight it. So I didn’t. But then I had to eat the next day. I sat with some familiar faces (association leaders I met the day before). My goal was to not spend so much on this trip, you see. – 18 June 2016

OMNI DALLAS HOTEL. (1) I love the keycard. I planned to take it home with me as a souvenir since day one. – 14 June 2016; (2) Caricature. She doesn’t look like me, does she? – 17 June 2016; (3) I volunteered for research studies. I had the most amount of blood extracted from me in a day, about 6-8 big and small vacuum tubes/vials. – 19 June 2016


DALLAS, TEXAS. I looked forward to seeing buildings like this. Dallas did not disappoint. I walked around Downtown again after the Conference wrapped up. – 19 June 2016


DALLAS, TEXAS. The Monument: A John F. Kennedy memorial. – 19 June 2016


DALLAS, TEXAS. Dallas County Courthouse. – 20 June 2016


DALLAS, TEXAS. Downtowns in the United States have the same streets. I noticed this eventually after I’ve looked up Google Map several times in 3 different states and read the same streets over and over for the last 3 weeks. – 20 June 2016


DALLAS, TEXAS. I passed by a Filipino family in this corner. The father was covered in blings. Xxx. Since it was my last day, I went for a sightseeing and JFK tour. I took very few photos of the tour, though. – 20 June 2016


DEALEY PLAZA, DALLAS, TEXAS. Sixth Floor Museum. Lee Harvey allegedly shot and killed JFK from the rightmost window of the 6th floor of this building. I walked around the area after the guided tour because I still had time. – 20 June 2016


DEALEY PLAZA, DALLAS, TEXAS. The area facing the road where JFK died. Behind this was also the area where the alleged second hit man ran off. I was taking pictures of my icecream in this area and realized I should not be doing that. Icecream and JFK’s murder should not come together. – 20 June 2016


DALLAS, TEXAS. JF Kennedy was shot dead in this street. There is an X-mark there which isn’t visible in this photo. – 20 June 2016


DALLAS, TEXAS. Bank of America, the highest building in Dallas. I went back to the hotel after this to get ready for my trip to New Mexico. – 20 June 2016

300+ years


YAP-SANDIEGO ANCESTRAL HOUSE, CEBU CITY. A 17th century house in the Philippine’s oldest city owned by a family of a Chinese merchant that sailed to and settled in the country. In the photo is the Yap family’s boat that they used during floods. It was also said that it was the very same boat that Mr. Yap used to reach the island of Mactan. – 21 October 2015

Transfers: MNL-HKG-DFW (A Photo Diary)


NINOY AQUINO INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT. This marks my 2nd SOLO international trip (3rd flight). – 14 June 2016


NINOY AQUINO INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT. Boarding pass from Manila to Hong Kong. – 14 June 2016


PHILIPPINES. Window seat. – 14 June 2016


HONG KONG INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT. Perhaps the grandest one I’ve seen. – 14 June 2016


HONG KONG INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT. Boarding pass from Hong Kong to Dallas, Texas. – 14 June 2016

Thoughts written while on a writing hiatus

  1. There is no point in explaining depression to anyone. The only persons who will truly understand it are those who have been there and have survived it.
  2. There are 2 circumstances that will enable you to know people. One, when you’re left with nothing. Two, when they are left with nothing.
  3. Riding an airplane is like being in a military facility. You are told what to do at what time and at what pace.
  4. Destiny, if put in non-religious wordings, is slavery. You exist and die according to your owner’s wishes.
  5. There are so many emotions that languages will never be able to describe. Sometimes the best way to define them is to not define them at all.
  6. Making a self-sacrificing and self-defeating decision for love does not necessarily make you love yourself any less.

Dear M,

Kuya Andy didn’t ask us to not use camera flashes when we take pictures anymore. Perhaps, the No Flash Photography policy is a common knowledge among art goers now that we need not be reminded. The Museum have expanded. Some buildings have portions awaiting paint; some, with portions being open for public. If the structures have expanded, so too did the collection. Art pieces have been moved closer to one another to give room to newly acquired ones. And there was this installation art that makes you experience nature in all its romanticized yet unexaggerated beauty. You would have loved that one.

A lot of things happened in four years, yes? Remember us being a little clueless about how to get there when the tricycle drivers we asked did not know that such place even existed? The drivers and the locals now finally know where the Museum is that it is a lot easier to visit now. Four years made things a little more expensive, though. The fee already went up from 100 to 180. And the expansion of the organic cafe made us order quite a lot of food. Still worth the money, though. I wonder how much money they make daily. A lot, I guess.

You see, the Mediterranean architecture, the landscape design, the collection, and maybe the movie you told me about might have attracted so many visitors that Pinto Art Museum now opens its doors to hundreds of wanderers daily or weekly, who knows? The flock of visitors may have been the reason for the changes. And if you’ve noticed, too, the place is now called a Museum, rather than a gallery.

Well, if it’s not that obvious yet, let me just say it: I love the place now as much as I loved it the first time. And I thought you would, too. The place demands more than just a second visit. I am quite sure you will agree with me. You once told me to bring you to artsy places so you could see the metro in full color. This was where I first brought you. And I thought we would come back. I thought we could. But never mind. I am guessing that now, you can see things far, far better from up there. Are you enjoying what you’re seeng so far? I hope you are.

Written 20 September 2015.