VI. Thou shalt do no murder.


FREMANTLE PRISON, PERTH, WESTERN AUSTRALIA. A prison built by convicts in the 1850s.






FREMANTLE PRISON. My sister and I went to visit this old prison. I have never been to any museums or any cultural attractions with her, but this one we had to visit together. My sister and I are huge fans of The Walking Dead, so coming here was us being two of Rick’s people.


FREMANTLE PRISON. This one, on the other hand, is Resident Evil. Minus the safety nets which were placed there to prevent suicides.




FREMANTLE PRISON. This place was a minimum to maximum security prison. For convicts under maximum security, the cells were usually ‘personalized’ based on how each prisoner would most likely escape. 




FREMANTLE PRISON. Four toilets for around 600 prisoners. 






FREMANTLE PRISON CHAPEL. This Chapel was built in the later years. It was built the same way other chapels were built. What was interesting here was what was written in The 10 Commandments of God. Usually, people write “Thou shalt not kill.” In this chapel, though, the prisoners wrote “Thou shalt do no murder” to avoid offending the military who were trained to kill.


To Brisbane (BNE)


PERTH AIRPORT. I am getting fond of taking pictures of boarding passes and tickets. A documentation of sort. I’ve kept my bus tickets almost everytime I traveled by bus and glued them when they matter. I kept my tickets to and from Baguio City and pasted them on my diary. It was one of the most important trips I’ve had. I kept my first ever bus ticket to Manila when I finally moved back to Baler. I keep those that mark important chapters of my life. I have always been a hoarder of things I like, but have always wasted them in the end for staying unused or even forgotten. Right now my addiction is in memories. I am a hoarder of my own memories. This one I shall add to my collection of invaluable yet valuable clutter. It is a record of another solo trip to a foreign land I have yet to explore. I now take photos of important things, taking advantage of technology and having a back up memorabilia in digital format when I need it. You see, I sometimes play the role of an old granny in my mind. And in my head, I tell my grandchildren stories about my wonderful younger years and the scene usually starts off like, “this was my ticket when I went on a very special trip to…” and then I will go on narrating how those days were. – 07 January 2017


PERTH, WESTERN AUSTRALIA. I thought I should better take a souvenir photo of this trip, so I took this one. I could have cropped that guy from this photo, really, but I had to include him because this photograph tells me so many things about this day and this time of my life. And somehow I remember how it felt seeing him smiling at his phone (he was grinning, even) just when I really believed he was tired and all. – 07 January 2017


Roadtrip to ABQ (A Photo Diary)


DALLAS, TEXAS. Lesson learned: buy your tickets early to save more than half of the price you’d pay when you buy offline and on the same day of your trip. – 20 June 2016


TEXAS. I’ve always loved roadtrips. It had always been a kind of dream to me to just grab my backpack one day, hop on a bus, and go to an unknown sleepy town. Little did I know that my first roadtrip to a foreign land will happen in the US. – 20 June 2016


AMARILLO, TEXAS. Waiting for our delayed bus. Amarillo is small sleepy town in Texas. Being so near the border of USA and Mexico, this terminal was filled with Mexicans going to cities like LA, Albuquerque, and Denver. – 21 June 2016


TEXAS/NEW MEXICO. This woman was the only Asian I saw in this trip. She looked Native American to me. She blended so well with the Mexicans until she took her newspaper out from her bag and started reading it. It was written in Chinese. I spent hours imaging how life must have been like for her, probably knowing very little English and living in a place with so few people she probably knew. Chinese people hold on to their culture so well to the point of outcasting themselves from other people. It made me wonder if she ever felt home there. – 21 June 2016


TEXAS/NEW MEXICO. There was a long stretch of desert (what did I expect?) going to New Mexico, it made me question if I went too far in having this ‘solo roadtrip to a foreign place’ thing. I did not read up much on Albuquerque, I kept convincing myself that it was not going to be like this. ABQ was, after all, a city. – 21 June 2016


ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO. It was still a bit chilly in this high desert. I did not take photos of the place the cab passed by, but it was a beautiful, BEAUTIFUL place. The Native American buildings and houses were still preserved in this city. I wish the Aztec ruins were not as far from the airport. I would have gone there without second thoughts. If there is one place I’d go back to in the US, it is New Mexico. – 21 June 2016


OLD TOWN, ALBUQUERQUE. Old Town is the Intramuros of Albuquerque. I stayed in a lodge 5-10 minutes walk from here. Since I arrived way too early, I started exploring their oldest town. – 21 June 2016


OLD TOWN, ALBUQUERQUE. The shops were still closed. Those long hanging decors are red chilies, by the way. By 10am, I went to the shops to explore and buy souvenirs which were mainly Indian crafts. Most of the workers were Native Americans, too. I loved this place. – 21 June 2016


CHURCH STREET CAFE, OLD TOWN. The only place open for breakfast. One of the most famous cafes in Old Town, too. I had another Havas Rancheros for the Nth time, but with green and red chilies they call Christmas. The chilies made it New Mexican. I have to say, I had the best rancheros here! – 21 June 2016


CHURCH STREET CAFE, OLD TOWN. What is a desert without those cactus? – 21 June 2016


CHURCH STREET CAFE, OLD TOWN. Restaurant workers, at least in Dallas and in Albuquerque, are very welcoming. They approach you every now and then while you eat just to make sure that you are doing fine. Also, I just noticed that Americans can be very warm. I think it is really in their culture to ask people how they are doing and really engage you in a conversation, small talk or not. I grew up believing adults that Filipinos are the warmest people on Earth. I beg to disagree. This is the second country to have proven me otherwise. – 21 June 2016


OLD TOWN, ALBUQUERQUE. By around lunch time, people started flocking the place. – 21 June 2016


ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO. By around 2PM, I started feeling a bit sick. I haven’t slept yet after a 15-hour travel by land. I was also already in auto-pilot, I accidentally took my PH medicines when I needed to take Paracetamol. I had to empty my stomach to save my liver from possible serious damage. I also had boils in my right foot, so I finally decided to call it a day. When I woke up at 6PM, I went for a walk in my slippers to buy myself a bread for dinner. I slept after that, and finally, FINALLY, said goodbye to my week-long jet lag. – 21 June 2016

Dallas, Texas: A Photo Diary


DALLAS, TEXAS. Entering Downtown Area. – 14 June 2016


DALLAS, TEXAS. I stayed in this boomerang-shaped hotel. – 14 June 2016


OMNI DALLAS HOTEL. My roommate did not get past their Immigration. I had the whole room to myself. – 14 June 2016


OMNI DALLAS HOTEL. View from my room. It was 6:33PM in this photo. The sun was still high up so I decided to go for a walk. It was hot, but it was nothing compared to Manila and Baler. I found a 7-11 about 15 minutes away from this area and bought one of the best convenience store food I ever had (burritos and egg rolls). I LOVE TEX-MEX! – 14 June 2016


OMNI DALLAS HOTEL. The best part of my Dallas stay was that I got to watch 6 consecutive sunsets in a week. I sat by the window every night from 8:15PM to 9:00PM to see the sun go down and wait until all the buildings light up. – 14 to 19 June 2016


ELM ST., DOWNTOWN DALLAS. I bought a prepaid sim card the night before, but figured out later that I needed a plan card as well. So I went for a walk early the next day to buy a month’s plan and find a good doughnut place. I got lost for a while since I am not so good at reading Google Map. It didn’t matter, though. – 16 June 2016


OMNI DALLAS HOTEL. I had to take a picture of my flag. There is something about seeing your country’s flag in the US that makes you feel giddy and all. – 16 June 2016


OMNI DALLAS HOTEL. Filipino parties are all about food. American, dance. I had to go back to my room because the energy was too strong for me. – 17 June 2016


OMNI DALLAS HOTEL. There were around 1,500 participants in the conference. The set-up was also quite nerve wracking for me. You just have to pick a table to eat with a couple of people. I didn’t eat on the first night. I wasn’t also feeling well. I still had jet lag since I just had the longest daytime of my life and Dallas was 11 hours behind Philippine time. I kept having headaches everytime I try to fight it. So I didn’t. But then I had to eat the next day. I sat with some familiar faces (association leaders I met the day before). My goal was to not spend so much on this trip, you see. – 18 June 2016

OMNI DALLAS HOTEL. (1) I love the keycard. I planned to take it home with me as a souvenir since day one. – 14 June 2016; (2) Caricature. She doesn’t look like me, does she? – 17 June 2016; (3) I volunteered for research studies. I had the most amount of blood extracted from me in a day, about 6-8 big and small vacuum tubes/vials. – 19 June 2016


DALLAS, TEXAS. I looked forward to seeing buildings like this. Dallas did not disappoint. I walked around Downtown again after the Conference wrapped up. – 19 June 2016


DALLAS, TEXAS. The Monument: A John F. Kennedy memorial. – 19 June 2016


DALLAS, TEXAS. Dallas County Courthouse. – 20 June 2016


DALLAS, TEXAS. Downtowns in the United States have the same streets. I noticed this eventually after I’ve looked up Google Map several times in 3 different states and read the same streets over and over for the last 3 weeks. – 20 June 2016


DALLAS, TEXAS. I passed by a Filipino family in this corner. The father was covered in blings. Xxx. Since it was my last day, I went for a sightseeing and JFK tour. I took very few photos of the tour, though. – 20 June 2016


DEALEY PLAZA, DALLAS, TEXAS. Sixth Floor Museum. Lee Harvey allegedly shot and killed JFK from the rightmost window of the 6th floor of this building. I walked around the area after the guided tour because I still had time. – 20 June 2016


DEALEY PLAZA, DALLAS, TEXAS. The area facing the road where JFK died. Behind this was also the area where the alleged second hit man ran off. I was taking pictures of my icecream in this area and realized I should not be doing that. Icecream and JFK’s murder should not come together. – 20 June 2016


DALLAS, TEXAS. JF Kennedy was shot dead in this street. There is an X-mark there which isn’t visible in this photo. – 20 June 2016


DALLAS, TEXAS. Bank of America, the highest building in Dallas. I went back to the hotel after this to get ready for my trip to New Mexico. – 20 June 2016