To Brisbane (BNE)


PERTH AIRPORT. I am getting fond of taking pictures of boarding passes and tickets. A documentation of sort. I’ve kept my bus tickets almost everytime I traveled by bus and glued them when they matter. I kept my tickets to and from Baguio City and pasted them on my diary. It was one of the most important trips I’ve had. I kept my first ever bus ticket to Manila when I finally moved back to Baler. I keep those that mark important chapters of my life. I have always been a hoarder of things I like, but have always wasted them in the end for staying unused or even forgotten. Right now my addiction is in memories. I am a hoarder of my own memories. This one I shall add to my collection of invaluable yet valuable clutter. It is a record of another solo trip to a foreign land I have yet to explore. I now take photos of important things, taking advantage of technology and having a back up memorabilia in digital format when I need it. You see, I sometimes play the role of an old granny in my mind. And in my head, I tell my grandchildren stories about my wonderful younger years and the scene usually starts off like, “this was my ticket when I went on a very special trip to…” and then I will go on narrating how those days were. – 07 January 2017


PERTH, WESTERN AUSTRALIA. I thought I should better take a souvenir photo of this trip, so I took this one. I could have cropped that guy from this photo, really, but I had to include him because this photograph tells me so many things about this day and this time of my life. And somehow I remember how it felt seeing him smiling at his phone (he was grinning, even) just when I really believed he was tired and all. – 07 January 2017