Dallas, Texas: A Photo Diary


DALLAS, TEXAS. Entering Downtown Area. – 14 June 2016


DALLAS, TEXAS. I stayed in this boomerang-shaped hotel. – 14 June 2016


OMNI DALLAS HOTEL. My roommate did not get past their Immigration. I had the whole room to myself. – 14 June 2016


OMNI DALLAS HOTEL. View from my room. It was 6:33PM in this photo. The sun was still high up so I decided to go for a walk. It was hot, but it was nothing compared to Manila and Baler. I found a 7-11 about 15 minutes away from this area and bought one of the best convenience store food I ever had (burritos and egg rolls). I LOVE TEX-MEX! – 14 June 2016


OMNI DALLAS HOTEL. The best part of my Dallas stay was that I got to watch 6 consecutive sunsets in a week. I sat by the window every night from 8:15PM to 9:00PM to see the sun go down and wait until all the buildings light up. – 14 to 19 June 2016


ELM ST., DOWNTOWN DALLAS. I bought a prepaid sim card the night before, but figured out later that I needed a plan card as well. So I went for a walk early the next day to buy a month’s plan and find a good doughnut place. I got lost for a while since I am not so good at reading Google Map. It didn’t matter, though. – 16 June 2016


OMNI DALLAS HOTEL. I had to take a picture of my flag. There is something about seeing your country’s flag in the US that makes you feel giddy and all. – 16 June 2016


OMNI DALLAS HOTEL. Filipino parties are all about food. American, dance. I had to go back to my room because the energy was too strong for me. – 17 June 2016


OMNI DALLAS HOTEL. There were around 1,500 participants in the conference. The set-up was also quite nerve wracking for me. You just have to pick a table to eat with a couple of people. I didn’t eat on the first night. I wasn’t also feeling well. I still had jet lag since I just had the longest daytime of my life and Dallas was 11 hours behind Philippine time. I kept having headaches everytime I try to fight it. So I didn’t. But then I had to eat the next day. I sat with some familiar faces (association leaders I met the day before). My goal was to not spend so much on this trip, you see. – 18 June 2016

OMNI DALLAS HOTEL. (1) I love the keycard. I planned to take it home with me as a souvenir since day one. – 14 June 2016; (2) Caricature. She doesn’t look like me, does she? – 17 June 2016; (3) I volunteered for research studies. I had the most amount of blood extracted from me in a day, about 6-8 big and small vacuum tubes/vials. – 19 June 2016


DALLAS, TEXAS. I looked forward to seeing buildings like this. Dallas did not disappoint. I walked around Downtown again after the Conference wrapped up. – 19 June 2016


DALLAS, TEXAS. The Monument: A John F. Kennedy memorial. – 19 June 2016


DALLAS, TEXAS. Dallas County Courthouse. – 20 June 2016


DALLAS, TEXAS. Downtowns in the United States have the same streets. I noticed this eventually after I’ve looked up Google Map several times in 3 different states and read the same streets over and over for the last 3 weeks. – 20 June 2016


DALLAS, TEXAS. I passed by a Filipino family in this corner. The father was covered in blings. Xxx. Since it was my last day, I went for a sightseeing and JFK tour. I took very few photos of the tour, though. – 20 June 2016


DEALEY PLAZA, DALLAS, TEXAS. Sixth Floor Museum. Lee Harvey allegedly shot and killed JFK from the rightmost window of the 6th floor of this building. I walked around the area after the guided tour because I still had time. – 20 June 2016


DEALEY PLAZA, DALLAS, TEXAS. The area facing the road where JFK died. Behind this was also the area where the alleged second hit man ran off. I was taking pictures of my icecream in this area and realized I should not be doing that. Icecream and JFK’s murder should not come together. – 20 June 2016


DALLAS, TEXAS. JF Kennedy was shot dead in this street. There is an X-mark there which isn’t visible in this photo. – 20 June 2016


DALLAS, TEXAS. Bank of America, the highest building in Dallas. I went back to the hotel after this to get ready for my trip to New Mexico. – 20 June 2016