I LIKE BEING HERE. I like being on my own. Coming back here is the first adult decision I’ve made, and I have no regrets of leaving Manila at all. I like the peace and quiet here. And I like the freedom that I get. I feel alive here. I may not have the opportunity to ever pursue a career I want or study a discipline that fuels me in this town, but right now what matters most is that I get to be satisfied and happy with the little things in life. I do not have an ideal career here. I do not even earn a decent sum of money to pay the bills. But here, I do not feel the pressure to be something big as much as I did in Manila. Yet, I am contented with what I am. I do not have the luxury of having the means to pay for what I want like I used to, but I always have the sea to calm my spirit. Right now, that is all that matters. I get to live on my own and be responsible for myself. I get to embrace this life despite of my illness. And, more than anything else, I get to own this life. My life. And I think that is enough. That is just enough.